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杉本教授が日本再生医療学会にて「仮想人体構築学」のシンポジウムを行いました / Sugimoto hosted a symposium on "Virtual Human Science"




学会は「翔べ再生医療 -幹細胞生物学と組織工学の共創-」をテーマに、オンラインにて3/17(木)~19(土)に開催されました。


福田 淳二「組織工学的手法を用いた個別臓器オルガノイドの構築」

杉浦 慎治「複数臓器デバイスを用いた臓器間相互作用の観測」

西川 昌輝「肝・腎マイクロ臓器デバイスの開発」

荒川 大「胆汁うっ滞時における腎毒性誘発薬物の腎動態変動」

齋藤 輪太郎「CE-MSを用いた急性腎障害患者の尿メタボロームの解析」

杉本 昌弘「仮想人体構築のための数理モデル化」

Dr.Sugimoto hosted a symposium on "Virtual Human Science" at the 21st Congress of the Japanese Society for Regenerative Medicine on 19th March.

Six of the members participated in the presentation and exchanged opinions.

It was held online under the theme of "Fly, Regenerative medicine---Co-Creation of Stem Cell Biology and Tissue Engineering---" from March 17th to 19th.

Presenters and titles are as follows;

Dr.Fukuda: "Fabrication of organoids based on tissue engineering approaches"

Dr.Sugiura: "Investigation of organ-to-organ interactions using multiple organ devices"

Dr.Nishikawa: "Development of microphysiological systems for the liver-kidney axis"

Dr.Arakawa: "Renal pharmacokinetic change of nephrotoxic drugs in cholestatic model mice"

Dr.Saito: "Urinary Metabolome Analyses of Patients with Acute Kidney Injury Using Capillary Electrophoresis-Mass Spectrometry"

Dr.Sugimoto: "Mathematical modeling toward virtual human development"


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