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杉本教授と研究所メンバーがMETABOLOMICS 2021でポスター発表を行いました / Poster presentation at METABOLOMICS 2021


杉本教授と、東京医科大学低侵襲医療開発総合センターのメンバーが、「METABOLOMICS 2021」でポスター発表を行いました。






「METABOLOMICS 2021」は6月22日~24日、オンラインで実施されました。

Sugimoto and members of the Tokyo Medical University Minimally Invasive Medical Development Center gave a poster presentation at "METABOLOMICS 2021".

The titles of the four presentations are as follows;

・"Metabolomics and machine learning for ophthalmic diseases"

・"The metabolomic analysis of Zucker fatty rat fed brown rice"

・"Correlation-centered feature selection of a gene expression signature for metabolic pathway analysis to predict breast cancer metastasis"

・"Relationship between brown adipose tissue density and plasma amino acids"

It was held online from June 22nd to 24th.

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